Manager Entrepreneur Hospitality Versneld/Fast-Track voor havisten

Manager Entrepreneur Hospitality Versneld/Fast-Track voor havisten

You gain practical experience working as a trainee in hotels all over the world.

Are you looking for a study programme that prepares you for a challenging and versatile career in the hospitality and hotel industry? Do you have a havo diploma or an mbo level 4 diploma? Then the Manager Entrepreneur Hospitality (hotel) programme is the perfect choice for you! With the Fast-Track program, you can obtain your diploma in two years!

Our Fast-Track Manager Entrepreneur Hospitality (hotel) programme is specifically designed for students who have the ambition to run their own hospitality business, hotel, or department within those businesses. The education consists of 5 components: Hotel Management, Culinary Arts, Restaurant Service, Entrepreneurship, and Operational Management. Additionally, you will choose elective modules and participate in internships.

Career opportunities

With this diploma, you will have the knowledge and skills to build a successful career in various hospitality businesses, from restaurants to hotels and everything in between. You can work as an entrepreneur in your own business or as a manager in the hospitality industry. Within the hotel industry, there are opportunities to become a manager of a department such as front office, facility services, sales, and reservations. Moreover, your expertise and skills can also open the doors to jobs in other sectors, giving you a wealth of career opportunities to choose from.

Practical information


• A havo diploma
• A vwo diploma
• A vocational diploma at mbo level 4

What are the costs?

From the age of eighteen you are required to pay tuition fees (for a bol-course) or course fees (for a bbl-course). The government determines the amount of the statutory tuition and course fees each year. Read more about the costs here.

*The internship fee in your second year will be invoiced after a final choice for an internship abroad. If a student opts for an internship abroad, this contribution is mandatory.


There are two internships in this study programme. In the first year, you will do a two-day internship each week at businesses we have a special partnership with for the Fast-Track program. In the second year, you will do a 5-month internship, with the possibility of doing it abroad in countries such as Germany, Belgium, Ireland, France, Spain, Malta, Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, the United States, Canada, or even Australia.

Educational programme

The programme is carefully designed and provides a balanced mix of theory, practice, and internship. You will be taught by experienced professionals in the industry. The education is modular. In the first year, you will follow the Culinary Art/Restaurant Service and Hotel Management modules. You will then go to school three days a week and do an internship for the other two days to gain practical experience at our partner hotels within the context of your module.

The second year starts with a 5-month internship module, with the possibility of doing it abroad at one of the renowned businesses in our portfolio. In the final phase of the education, you will do the Operational Management and Entrepreneurship module, where you will work on various projects, gain experience in leadership within our state-of-the-art practical departments, and write and defend a business plan.

Continuing your studies

The diploma gives you access to almost all programmes at Universities of Applied Sciences. If you continue your studies at a Higher Hotel School, in many cases, you can do it in a fast-track programme.

Information per location

International Hotel and Management School Koningin Marialaan 9

Niveau 4
2 years
Aug & Feb

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Koningin Marialaan 9

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