Manager Entrepreneur Hospitality

Manager Entrepreneur Hospitality

Do you have excellent organizational and communication skills, a strong attention to detail, and the ability to think on your feet? If you're passionate about creating memorable experiences for guests, have a drive to excel, and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment, then a career in hotel management may be for you! With the skills you'll learn in this program, you'll be equipped to start your own business or become a successful manager in the industry.

Get a comprehensive education in hotel management with the Hotel and Management Program. Learn marketing, finance, operations, customer service, HR, entrepreneurship, restaurant service, front office, and cookery through real-world projects, industry visits and hands-on experience. Enhance your Dutch, English, Spanish, and numeracy skills.

What does the programme look like?

This modular programme is designed to focus on specific topics in half-year periods and is divided into 4 years. The first two years are school based, with a combination of lectures, workshops, hands-on projects and practical classes. In the third year, you'll do a traineeship in a real-world setting. The opportunity to do this traineeship in a foreign country is optional and gives you the chance to gain international experience and exposure to new cultures and ways of doing business. The specific topics in the educational programme include operational management, entrepreneurship, culinary art, restaurant service, and hotel management. The fourth year is also school based, with a focus on refining your skills and preparing for your future career

Practical information

What are your career options?

Upon graduation, you'll have the skills and knowledge to pursue a wide range of careers in the hotel industry, including hotel and resort management, event planning, and food and beverage management. With a degree from ROC Mondriaan, you'll have a competitive edge and be well-equipped to succeed in a fast-growing and exciting industry. In addition, your expertise and skills can also open doors to positions in other sectors, providing you with a wealth of career opportunities to choose from.

What are the costs?

From the age of eighteen you are required to pay tuition fees (for a bol-course) or course fees (for a bbl-course). The government determines the amount of the statutory tuition and course fees each year. Read more about the costs here.

*The internship fee in your fourth year will be invoiced after a final choice for an internship abroad. If a student opts for an internship abroad, this contribution is mandatory.

What are the entry requirements?

• A secondary school diploma
• An International General Certificate of Secondary Education
• After finishing the Middle Years Programme (MYP5) – conditions may apply.
• Good command of the English language (an intake test is mandatory)
• Vmbo-diploma
• Proof of admittance from 3 to 4 havo or vwo
• A result of a minimum of a 7 for the English exam

How do I apply?

If you have a BSN number you can apply online by clicking the red button 'meld je aan' on top of this page.

If you don't have a BSN number you can download the application form for the Mondriaan International Hotel and Management School here:

Application form


When you come to see us for your application interview (intake) we ask you to bring your personal file. This should contain a letter of motivation, a questionnaire on our school and your expectation of the study load. We ask you this because we believe that it is important that you know what you may expect. When you join the International Stream you will need a certain level of English. You will need to demonstrate this by doing the Cambridge test, and you must have at least 7 points on your latest diploma.

Further studies?

After completing the International Hotel and Management Programme (Manager Entrepreneur Hospitality) at ROC Mondriaan, you can further your studies in hospitality management or related fields. Some possible options include: Higher Hotel School (Fast Track), Tourism Management, Event Management, Facility Management, International and Business Studies, Management Economics and Law (MER), European Studies, Financial Management, Marketing, Business and Language Studies


Practical experience is an important part of this program, with a total of 1760 hours of internship over the four years. Although companies are not obligated to pay MBO students, they often receive a small internship allowance. The first year includes 160 internship hours, while the entire third year is devoted to an internship. This internship can take place in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Ireland, Malta, Spain, Canada, the United States, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, St. Maarten, and Australia. The school arranges the internship placement and has contacts with great international internship opportunities. By looking at your personality and interests, they will find a company that best fits your preferences in your chosen country.

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We offer education and training at school. The program takes 4 years. It is an MBO Level 4 study programme. For more information, please see

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Further studies?

At least 70% of our graduates go on to HBO after this study programme and follow study programmes such as Business Economics, HRM, International Business, Facility Management, or they continue their studies at, for example, the higher hotel schools in The Hague, Amsterdam, Leeuwarden or Maastricht.

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